190 West Reynolds St. Ozark Al. 36360 CALL (866) HARLOWS For those about to rock 190 West Reynolds St. Ozark Al. 36360 CALL (866) HARLOWS We Salute You!

Upcoming Events


Aug 27 – Maiden Mania! Iron Maiden Tribute Show

Sept 2 – Black and Gold Band

Sept 17 – THE ROCK MOB – Ocktoberfest Party

Sept 23 – Midlife Crisis

Oct 7 – Psycho Wizard

Oct 28 – Harloween with Your Captain Speaking



About Harlow's

Our Mission and Goal

To provide local musicians and artists with a location to network, showcase, jam, and enjoy creating great memories.

Our venue was built by musicians for musicians, artists, and music lovers. It’s a small and intimate space focused on the betterment of local artists and musicians. The venue features the very best artists and musicians in the area through various events and showcases.

Pro Tip #38: What is your bands velocity? and what the heck is Velocity?

ve·loc·i·ty: the speed of something in a given direction. In this article, I’ll scratch the surface into its meaning specifically with project management and how it might assist your band in delivering on your goals and managing expectations. In no way is this short article going to explain the principles of waterfall, sprints, agile, scrum,...
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Pro Tip #37: 4 signs you might not be as professional as you think

In any profession I know of, being professional is what sets you apart and makes you desirable. It puts you at the top of your game and creates credibility in each of your actions. It builds trust and relationships. However, for whatever reason, there are always some bands and musicians that appear to be incapable...
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Pro Tip #36 – How Stella got her groove back and how you can too!

By Ken KirklandWhat exactly is “groove”? I’ve spoken with other musicians about it and there’s not really a clear cut definition. Most people say it’s just something you feel. But what if you don’t? Let’s try to dive in and figure it out exactly what groove is and how to find it. Groove gives music life....
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Meet Our Team

Our passion is to serve the music community. Pictured is the dream team. These folks are some of the finest people you will meet, dedicated to the growth and promotion of our local music community.  


  • Quite possibly the best kept secret in the south east ! Great live entertainment venue, amazing staff, too much fun to miss ! Make the drive, you will love it !

    John Sanders
  • i can’t believe a venue this awesome is in Ozark Alabama of all place. the size of the crowd was amazing along with their energy! totally recommend and i can’t wait to play there again

    Nelson Jancaterino
    Singer / Songwriter
Contact Us

    Thanks for inquiring. We get a lot of requests to play our venue so this is to help explain how to go about booking with us, who we are, why we are doing this, and what to expect. First and foremost, welcome to Live at Harlow’s, a venue built by musicians for musicians for the...
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    Our Location

    190 West Reynolds Street, Ozark, Al 36360