Book my band!

Thanks for inquiring. We get a lot of requests to play our venue so this is to help explain how to go about booking with us, who we are, why we are doing this, and what to expect. First and foremost, welcome to Live at Harlow’s, a venue built by musicians for musicians for the betterment of our music community and to promote upcoming artists and bands.

  • Who are we? We’re musicians, just like you. We’re folks who are passionate about building a thriving music community and to support our fellow musicians. We’ve accumulating quite a bit of experience in the music business and we’ve developed a venue to help others on their musical journey. We believe #musicmatters and the idea of “creating the scene” #CTS. We value creating a long lasting impact and experience over creating income for ourselves.
  • Who can play? We are open for all people and genres of music. We look for bands and artists hungry to perform and interact with our crowds.
  • What is Live at Harlow’s? It’s a venue tailor made for the performance of artists and bands. In other words, we’ve created exactly what we would have wanted as musicians to include stage, great PA (JBL SRX), light show (Static and Moving), Backline (yes, we provide the backline for drums (DW collectors kit), bass (AMPEG) – guitar amps (KEMPER, JCM 800, 5150..etc), sound guy, light guy, promotional material, and most importantly the best crowds in the surrounding area.
  • How much do I get paid? We partner with bands to try and generate as much revenue for the bands. We provide 100% of the door to the bands and artists, unless there are other fees required for additional production costs. This model is transparent (as we always are) and puts everyone with the same goals, commitment, values, and work ethic to ensure an amazing night of live music, and, the best time you could possibly imagine.
  • What we are not: We are not a bar. Yes, we offer alcoholic drinks but the model is quite different that a bar where we hire bands to perform in hopes they will return profit. We simply don’t hire like that as profit is not our driver, we partner to develop a showcase to create an amazing and memorable experience to grow our community. Bottom line: We are a performance venue that invests in bands and artists.
  • Can I setup my own show? Absolutely, should you wish to do this, you can rent the venue and pay for our staffing services.
  • When do we rock faces? We have events every couple of weeks which feature 2 to 3 artists / bands each month. We like to theme our events and find others who are similar in your music genre.
  • Where do we rock faces? It’s in the small town of Ozark, Alabama. Near Dothan, Enterprise, and Troy Alabama. Address is 190 West Reynolds Street, Ozark, Al.
  • Why do we do this? We do this for several reasons but most importantly because its become our passion and our purpose to serve our music community. We believe that a rising tide floats all ships. If we can assist you in your musical journey and you have the right attitude, commitment, and values, we want to be on your team.
  • Can I sell merch? Absolutely, we will help you setup an area and we don’t want a dime!

Sounds great but I just want to know how to get booked! To be considered for a spot, please provide the following information via email at or fill out the form below.

  • Video of your performances. We don’t just look for a great sound, that’s only part of the equation. We look for the performance and connecting with people. We are showcasing your talent and we want everything you got.
  • Previous or Upcoming Events. We would like to come see you and support you. We also are strategic when we book events based on your scheduling.
  • Number of members in your band
  • Social media pages (facebook, instagram..etc)
  • Your music genre (rock, country, blues..etc)
  • Average number of fans that attend your shows
  • Your goal with playing at Harlow’s
  • Some open dates on Fridays and Saturdays

We look forward to serving and seeing you at an event soon!