Pro Tip #21: How to Get Your Musical Passion and Drive Back

By Sam Wilder I was asked, “How do I get my musical passion back? I know what I want but it’s always being put on hold because of reality.” This is a really hard question to answer because it’s a struggle that musicians face everyday. I’m going to try to answer that question so here...
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WMAA XR18 Sound Clinic

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Pro Tip #20: Ways to Support Your Local Music Scene During Quarantine

From Ken Kirkland COVID-19 is infecting our health and our wealth. That might not be too big of a deal to Wall Street and large corporations but for us normal working-class musicians and venue owners it definitely is. Musicians who put all their work and money into touring and playing shows have had to cancel...
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Pro Tip #19: 10 Tips To Becoming A Professional Musician

By Sam Wilder So you always wanted to be a professional musician? See your name in magazines, your band logo on album covers or postered all over town, hear your songs on the radio, and don’t forget that rock star life you dream of. But without a doubt there are a ton of challenges on...
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By anonymous local area musician Why do bands play the same old tired covers? Lazy musicians? Over the years, I have been surprised at how many musicians cannot put in the time to learn a tune. It could be that they don’t have time, don’t have the ability, don’t want to learn one for whatever...
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Pro Tip #18: 9 Tips to Improve Your Stage Presence

By Sam Wilder “People hear more with their eyes than they do their ears” – Some random musician in Kansas He’s right though. Here’s 9 things you can do to improve your stage presence: 1. Break the sugar bowl2. Look interesting3. Be energetic4. Involve the crowd5. Watch other great performers6. Watch yourself perform7. Don’t be...
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Pro Tip #17: How to be a great bandmate

   By Sam Wilder      A band is a friendship, a collaborative partnership and a business all rolled into one. Although it might be less personal and intimate than a romantic relationship, it is quite possibly more complicated. That’s because there are usually more than two people involved and everyone has an opinion. It goes...
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Pro Tip #16: 13 Band Marketing Tips For 2020

By Lisa Occhino     Once you’ve decided that you’re getting pretty serious about this whole music career thing, you know that you have to start putting in the work to come up with effective band marketing ideas.    But if you haven’t gotten much farther than “make a Facebook fan page and post a bunch of...
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Pro Tip #15: Do you perform? Or do you play?

Written by local Shawn Pawloski (Guitarist from Midlife Crisis) There is a drastic difference. Some people climb up on that stage and strap on their instrument. They may get behind the drums. They strap on that awesome bass or get behind the mic. The very first song starts and it is the slowest song of...
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