Pro Tip #39: 5 Quick Marketing Tips for Bands

It’s been a moment since I’ve written an article. This particular article was written because I’ve been asked by several bands how to effectively market. I can only speak on my experience which has worked for me but I’m sure results vary. Below is a list of 5 things which provide great value in marketing for my own band and businesses.

1.       Create an effective website.

I hear ya, “Facebook, Instagram, tiktok, and every other social channel is all I need”. Although social platforms provide the “push” of info effectively, it falls short in the ability for you to have total control of your message or content, furthermore is subjected to comments, scrolling, and other advertising. More importantly, you’re missing out on what most folks do when they are looking for bands.. search. Social media platforms are great if someone knows your band but if not, you’ll want to consider the power of a website which provide a 24/7 marketing opportunity to stand out from all the other bands in your area. Because you’ll have full control, you will be able to craft your content in a way which sells the band with video, audio, event dates, as well as reviews. Just make sure you keep it updated, make it mobile friendly, and remember you don’t get a second chance to make a first impression. Hit up Harlow Media if you need more info.

2.       Create an Electronic Press Kit (EPK) for your band

An EPK is a digital collection of content or promotion material which is provided to talent buyers, venues, and just about anywhere you want to play. Having one can set you apart from masses of bands who tend to rely on just saying they are a good band without anything to back them. The key ingredients to an EPK are Bio, Photos, Video, Music, Reviews or Testimonials, Website and Social Media Links, Highlights, and Contact info. Many bands feel like they just don’t have enough material to start one, however, an EPK can be a living product which is updated as your band and content grows.

3.       Network / Make friends with other bands and venue owners

I’ve always found that you are a product of who you hang around but I think Sylvester Stallone says it best

 “If you hang around with nice people you get nice friends, hang around with smart people and you get smart friends, hang around with yo-yos and you get yo-yos for friends. It’s simple mathematics.”

Sylvester Stallone

Point is the entire world of any business is based on relationships. Making connections with great humans who have the same passion as you is powerful. I cannot count the number of gigs I’ve gotten because I’ve simply known people or other bands who have recommended my band or venue owners who I’ve befriended. I’ve also watched bands completely get blackballed by folks because of the way they treated people or talked with venues. The good news is we’re extremely fortunate in this area to have some amazing humans who support our scene, and most will go out of their way to support you. Whether it’s making friends with venue owners or people, please be genuine, real, and respectful.

4.       Video Posts

Music as a medium has always been just that, an audio representation of art. Back in the old days (not too long ago LOL) people would sit back and listen to records and let the music take over their bodies and mind.  It literally was a way to escape and imagine things while the music played. As technology evolved and music television appeared “MTV”, music slowly became only half of the equation with video actually making or breaking the song itself.

Fast forward to today and video is just about the only thing which will catch someone’s attention for maybe 10 seconds.

So why is video important? Because the content you shoot or provide, even if it resonated for 10 seconds put your band in the mind of that individual and the law of leadership in marketing is “the first in the mind is the first to succeed”.

Don’t overdo it but people like to be connected to what is going on in bands lives. Consider shooting a bit of a song here and there, producing a promo video, or maybe talk to folks on your way to a show to promote it. Statistically you will have a better chance of connecting with user bases, certainly a better retention rate than just words.

Example Promotion:

5.       Stand out / invest in visuals

Standing out is a simple statement but hard to execute without the right tools. As your band grows and you can afford it, recommend investing in your brand and look.

  • Produce a logo or have a professional do it (vector format if possible)
  • Produce digital flyers for your shows (use logos for your band and venue with clear show dates)
  • Invest in a banner backdrop to display when you play out will pay massive dividends to implant your bands name in those listeners heads. Scrims also provide for a good visual.
  • Wear outfits at shows that distinguish you from the listeners (not going to get into the cargo shorts debate! LOL)
  • Invest in lighting elements, stage props, or visuals which can have a great impact on your performance and growth.
  • Invest in merch such as shirts and even give them out if you have too.. walking billboards yo!
  • Consider doing the other things in this article!

Thanks for reading and supporting our local music scene. I’m hopeful that these tips may provide you or your band success in your endeavors.

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