Pro Tip #35 – The Wish List

It’s Christmas time and as I think about something to write about, it seems appropriate to maybe write something about a wish list. I’m not talking about that perfectly tuned and amazing SUHR or LUXXTONE guitar (hint hint – tele style with tremolo please LOL), rather a wish list compiled from what a community member, venue owner, and musician might want.

This article was written with the intent to hopefully share that regardless of the role we play, we’re all the same, and we simply want to enjoy our passions and have the best times of our lives. Although I’m sure there are more wishes, this list might invoke some thought and perspective. Ultimately, if we respected the wishes of all roles, I believe we would have an unstoppable music scene and find more joy together in this world called the Music Entertainment Business.

The Community Wish List

We would like…

  • A prosperous local community where members support and promote each other.
  • To be respected regardless of what genre of music we play, what type of gear we use, or what level we are on our journey.
  • Musicians / bands to share experiences with one another.
  • For musicians / bands to quit talking trash about each other (we all know who you are).
  • To work with cities / venues to establish a better music scene.
  • To put on a huge concert celebrating our diverse community (hint hint).

The Venue Wish List

We would like…

  • Musicians / bands to come see the venue, introduce themselves, and create long lasting relationships.
  • Musicians / bands to respect the amount of time, energy, money, and risks associated to allow bands to perform.
  • Musicians / bands to have a video, bio, or Electronic Press Kit (EPK) prior to trying to get booked.
  • Musicians / bands to be punctual, professional, and respectful to the team.
  • Musicians / bands to connect to the audience and entertain and for patrons to purchase merch from the musicians / bands.
  • To see musicians / bands supporting each other and promoting the venue.
  • To partner with musicians / bands to find a winning strategy for everyone.
  • To not resort to other entertainment options and keep the doors open.

The Musician / Band List

We would like…

  • The opportunity to share music with people and have fun.
  • For venues to give a chance to play original music or covers.
  • For venues to respect the amount of time, energy, and money invested in a single performance.
  • For other musicians to share venues names, contacts, and experiences or lessons learned.
  • For players to commit at the same level, learn their material, and be reliable.
  • To be able to record my songs.
  • To be able to make a living doing music or get paid for my talent.
  • For people to realize just how hard it is to be a musician.

As I wrote those rather quickly, I realized the list could go on and on but if you break it all down, the theme is all about Respect and Relationships. As a musician, we must respect what the venue provides for you. As a venue, we must respect what the musician provides to you. As a community member, we must respect each other. None of this works great until we can gain respect.

It’s my personal wish that this next year is filled with opportunity for everyone, regardless of the role you perform. Each of us has been impacted greatly by the pandemic and the ever-growing alternative entertainment choices available (karaoke, digital jukeboxes, Netflix, football..etc).

Live music has not gotten easier, and it’s time we all work together. Other than the really big shows, live music has been greatly declining at the local levels with venue closures across the country. I wish that relationships be forged across all roles to realize again we’re all the same and simply want to enjoy our passions.

Thanks for reading this and I wish you a Merry Christmas and rocking New Year!

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